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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation represents a huge opportunity for companies of all sectors and sizes

The cornerstones of innovation

The digital transformation of a company affects the following three aspects: Customer relationship, operational processes and business models. In order to ensure a successful transformation, all the initiatives must be coordinated, the entire business context must be considered, and the evolution must be addressed with a multi-year plan.

Innovation Management

Professional consultancy services for SMEs in the following areas:
  • Assessment on the company's digital maturity level
  • Path for the enhancement of innovation skills
  • Definition and execution of the improvement plan
  • Measurement of the results
  • Training (Literacy and Professional)
The manager at the service of your digital transformation

Investments & Loans

  • Voucher for Innovation Managers and “Formazione 4.0”
  • Hyper-Depreciation and Super-Depreciation (Smart Factory)
  • Tax credit for Investments in Research and Development (complete with sworn report)
  • Nuova Sabatini: ordinary- and in digital technologies- investments
  • Patent Box: intangible assets, such as know-how, trademarks and patents
  • Internal assessments of management and IT systems
  • Regional (POR) and national (PON) operational programs
The right benefit for every investment


Our mentors support you in building your business model by guiding you in creating and structuring your successful startup.
  • Preliminary feasibility study
  • Market analysis and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plan (action plans based on financial forecast)
  • Development support
From idea to business: supporting skills

Industry 4.0

Today, companies are facing the Digital Transformation, a revolution that is bringing about great changes within companies and organizational processes.

This is not a passing trend; it is an inevitable transformation that will affect all the companies that want to remain competitive. Entrepreneurs therefore cannot stand by and watch to decide whether to change or not; today the question they must ask themselves is: what can I do to innovate in the best and most profitable way for my company?

Digital Transformation represents a huge opportunity for companies of all sectors and sizes; this transformation, applied to the concept of Industry 4.0, in which digitization is connected with all production units, in fact opens up new scenarios for the production of innovative goods and services for customers. As is the case for the Internet of Things, an interconnection between intelligent machines, devices, sensors and people that will improve each company's production and processes. They are complex systems that interact with each other for continuous and real-time control of each individual activity. The sensors already available in the production machines, if connected in an intelligent way to the production cycle, can lead to significant cost reduction and process optimization.

Predictive analysis of plant maintenance can allow better management of the entire production cycle. The companies that embrace the change will be able to redefine their business models, offer new services and products and create ever new experiences for each customer, with tailor-made and personalized offers.

Why Ulisse Innovation

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